The Executive

What is The Executive Drip?

It is not normal to feel mentally drained and exhausted after work all of the time. If we replenish our bodies properly, they are designed to withstand intense physical and mental activity.

This vitamin infusion boosts your energy and mood. This allows you to enjoy the best that life has to offer long after you leave work.

However, most of us are stressed out because we are juggling too many things in order to get ahead. When we are simply missing out on life.

Keep in mind that stress is a silent killer. It causes poor decision-making, sharp drops in performance, limited creativity, mood swings, and even conflict with those around you at first. It quickly attacks your immune system and causes you to age faster.

If taken on a regular basis, this vitamin IV drip strengthens your immune system, boost productivity, lowers stress levels, and enhances your mood.

Who Should take The Executive ?

  • Overworked Business Executives 
  • People looking for productive edge
  • People suffering from stress and anxiety
  • Immune compromised individuals
  • People who are feeling “Burned out”
The Executive Iv Treatment Saline Bag

What are the benefits of The Executive?

The Executive has many benefits because its designed to help your whole body. It keeps your brain healthy by increasing the energy levels in your cells. When your cells are performing at their best it affects your whole body leaving you feeling more energized and in a better mood .

1. Brain Health

The brain uses a type of protein molecule called sirtuins it plays a number of essential roles, such as antioxidant expression and inflammatory response. More notably, sirtuins can improve cell stress resistance and slow cognitive decline. Meaning enhanced neurological performance, improved mental clarity, improved mood and improved concentration.

2. Slows The Process of Aging

With vitamins like Glutathione it devotes a significant amount of time to repairing damaged cells, particularly those that accelerate the aging process. Improved energy levels by reducing free radicals from our body. Glutathione also promotes mitochondrial development, resulting in the generation of younger, more useful cells to replace older cells.

3. Increases Athletic Performance

If you want to reach your athletic potential, The Executive is one of the greatest  IV drips to take. It not only helps prevent muscle injury, but it also improves strength and endurance, encourages your body to build more muscle than fat, and speeds up recovery. It helps in better-supported DNA repair and muscle tissue health. 

4. Memory

Low B complex vitamins cause you to forget things, your concentration suffers, and you feel as if your brain is foggy or cloudy, physical fatigue, low moods, and a slower recovery from injuries.  IV therapy increases the cell energy levels in your body, which is required to halt the progression of mental decline. It directly injects the vitamins into your bloodstream. Because the IV method bypasses the digestive system, the vitamins coenzyme remains intact until it reaches the cells where it is most needed.

5. Cell Energy Increase

 The brain requires a steady supply of oxygen and glucose for optimal function. Despite its modest size, the brain consumes roughly 20% of the oxygen supply of the total body. Scientists are increasingly linking brain health to mitochondrial health (mitochondria are “power horse” organelles found in most cells that are responsible for cellular respiration and energy production). Vitamins are an essential nutrient that fuels the body’s enzymatic functions in various organs and tissues.

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