IV Therapy Rise and Shine

What is Rise and Shine?

Rise and Shine is the perfect hangover cure! After a tough night out partying, it can be followed by a hangover, dehydration, and tiredness the next morning, raising your risk of disease and lowering your motivation. Our antioxidant electrolyte-infused vitamin formula helps provide relief for any hangover symptoms including headaches or fatigue. Allowing you to replace cells and replenish key nutrients your body needs to increase energy levels. 

Who Should take the Rise and Shine ?

  • Prevent Hangovers 
  • People with Hangovers 
  • Throwing up
  • People with illnesses
  • Athletes 
Rise And Shine IV Treatment Saline Bag

What's the benefits of Rise and Shine?

Our rise and shine formula are designed to help you rehydrate, clean out toxins, and replenish key nutrients lost you need start feeling like yourself again. Even the most severe hangovers can be helped with our Rise and Shine formula. 

1. Replenish Nutrients

Because alcohol is diuretic, it causes your body to lose a lot of nutrients that it is designed to keep. Vitamin B complex and other soluble vitamins are the most affected nutrients. The poor energy and cloudy thinking you’re experiencing are due to an excessive depletion of these nutrients. Intravenous vitamin infusions can help you quickly regain all of these nutrients and recover your energy.

2. Rehydration

Alcohol inhibits the production of antidiuretic hormone, which is vital for the body’s ability to reabsorb fluid. This is in addition to the fact that it acts as a diuretic, forcing you to urinate more frequently than usual. All of these factors contribute to an excessive loss of vital body fluids, which is one of the main reasons of the symptoms you experience after drinking too much alcohol. By infusing vital fluid into your body, IV treatment helps to alleviate these symptoms. This method of rehydrating yourself is far superior to drinking the liquids orally because there is no risk of vomiting due to the nausea you are experiencing.

3. Reduces Nausea and Inflammation

Alcohol use can cause irritation and inflammation in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. This is the source of your nausea, vomiting, and stomach discomfort. A detox IV drip works to detoxify your system and stop the messages that cause inflammation. This will help you get rid of your nausea and vomiting rapidly. IV fluids for dehydration also help you feel better by lowering the amount of stomach acid and toxins your stomach generates.

4. Immune boost

Long nights out and insufficient sleep have long been identified as potential risk factors for a compromised immune system. With vitamins like glutathione which produces naturally by the liver and exists in every cell in your body. Glutathione is the body’s primary antioxidant, it protects cells from oxidative stress, inhibits inflammation, and aids in cell repair and fight off diseases. 

5. Energy Increase

B vitamins and amino acids are both considered vital elements that your body requires to live. An IV infusion of those can help you improve your body’s natural energy levels while also reducing your cravings for harmful foods and beverages.

Experience the benefits of Glutathione today!

Come into IVITALITY today if you’re feeling sluggish—maybe you’re hungover, not getting enough sleep, or recuperating from a cold—and try a glutathione IV drip. It will not only keep your skin looking young, but it will also make you feel rejuvenated and revitalized.


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