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All of our IV Vitamin Infusions cost $150 per drip. Our injectables cost roughly half of the price of a full infusion.

Typically IV Drips take 45 – 75 min max. However, our specialty NAD+ drips can take up to 4 hrs to complete.

YES! You will feel completely rejuvenated by the time you are done with your vitamin drip or injection. The effects range last from 1 to 3 weeks.

Absolutely! Although specifically designed to increase athletic performance. We also offer drips to increase immunity and get rid of a hangover.

For the best results you should get a drip 12-18 hours before competition and immediately after a competition to recover faster.

In recent years, IVs for athletes have gained popularity and many people turn to them as a quick way of rehydrating after training sessions. These fluids also work well when your body needs energy or salts fast during an event like an intense sporting match!