Is Vitamin Therapy Safe? – Here’s what to know

is vitamin therapy safe?

Many people were confused when IV drip bars first emerged on celebrities’ social media pages a few years ago. With so many positive reviews and testimonials, the therapy became popular and treatment centers sprung up everywhere. As with any new health service, many individuals asked, “is vitamin therapy safe?”. This page describes IV therapy’s benefits, risks, and costs.


How does IV therapy work, and what is it?


Before we discuss IV therapy’s safety, we must define it and explain how it works.

Most IV therapists believe Dr. John Myers invented IV vitamin treatment. First work in 1970s. Myers’ IV vitamin therapy work was so vital that the Myers’ Cocktail was named after him.IV therapy involves giving patients water, vitamins, and minerals intravenously. IV vitamins and minerals are absorbed differently than normal multivitamins.

Traditional multivitamins are absorbed through the stomach and intestines. Half of the nutrients are absorbed. Vitamins and minerals are infused intravenously. This increases absorption by almost 90%.

An IV can help reduce dehydration, cold and flu symptoms, food poisoning, morning sickness, jet lag, and hangovers.

Is vitamin therapy safe?

IV treatment is typically safe. Most worries about the safety of IV therapy fall into two categories: how the IV is given and what is in the IV.When picking an IV therapy provider, be sure the staff knows how to insert an IV. Choose an IV therapy center that only employs credentialed medical personnel, including RNs, to ensure proper treatment.

Choosing an IV therapy package with clear chemicals is as crucial as providing the IV correctly. Since the IV fluid goes directly into your bloodstream, it should only contain saline, vitamins, minerals, and painkillers. IVitality.ept  only delivers you vitamins and medicines that work. No frills or unnecessary treatments. We prioritize patient health and safety.

Why should I get an IV?

Know what IV treatment can accomplish for you and what symptoms it can relieve.

Our diets don’t always provide adequate vitamins and minerals. This harms our health. Along with having enough nutrients, many people struggle to stay hydrated. Lack of vitamins and water might make us feel ill.

IV treatment helps people acquire nutrients and water when illness, jet lag, or a hangover make it difficult.

IV treatment is used for:

IV treatment helps people feel better after a night out. As a diuretic, alcohol can cause us to lose vital nutrients. This can hurt us. IV treatment includes anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory drugs for quick relief.

Your body requires water and nutrition to fight off a cold or flu. IV treatment can improve your immune system by giving you fluids and vitamins C and B12. It treats headaches, discomfort, and fever.

Morning sickness can make it difficult to consume enough fluids and nutrition throughout pregnancy. Morning sickness kits might include anti-nausea medicines and nutrients like iron, calcium, and folic acid. IV treatment absorbs more vitamins than normal multivitamins.

Jet lag can influence your energy whether you’re flying for business or pleasure. Crossing time zones and flying in low-humidity flights might leave you dehydrated and weary. IV therapy offers you fluids to stay hydrated, B vitamins for exhaustion and brain fog, and medications for headaches.


IV treatment expensive?

IV therapy costs vary based on the type of treatment package and degree of care.

IV treatment is relatively affordable. Most clinics and providers charge $100 to $500, depending on treatment. Paying for therapy using an HSA saves you tax money.

As with any health service, you should investigate your IV therapy provider and ask questions before booking.

Ivitality can set up an appointment for you to get IV therapy.

Check out the IV therapy treatments offered by IVitality if you are interested in IV therapy.

Even if you have a headache, feel nauseous, have sun damage, or other symptoms, you can get IV therapy from home, work, or anywhere else. IVitality delivers IV treatment. Our RNs bring everything they need to provide in-home care. Just let the IV trickle.

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