How to Prevent a Hangover: Best Practices

How to Prevent a Hangover: Best Practices

A lack of adequate hydration frequently brings hangover symptoms, such as lethargy, headaches, and thirst. It is also one of the symptoms that can be managed with the least amount of effort. You need to increase the amount of water you consume to compensate for the fact that alcohol causes your body to lose water.

The most challenging aspect of remaining hydrated when drinking is, in most cases, remembering to take water breaks every so often. Therefore, if you consume alcohol, it is best for your body and mind to drink water first. This will help dilute the effects of the alcohol. Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated while consuming alcohol and after a few drinks.

It would be best if you got into the habit of drinking water first thing in the morning before having anything else to ensure that your body is adequately hydrated before you take that first sip.



One glass of water should be consumed for each alcoholic beverage. Because of this, the influence that each drink has on the amount of water that your body retains may be nullified.

Sip, don’t chug. After a night of drinking, drinking large amounts of water might put an unnecessary strain on your body and keep you awake at night because you will need to use the restroom frequently.

Consume certain foods high in water after drinking, such as melons, cucumbers, mushrooms, strawberries, spinach, or carrots.

Consuming Pedialyte or another oral rehydration solution will help restore your body’s electrolyte balance.

In addition to water, beverages such as honey chrysanthemum tea, green tea, and soda water might help your body break down alcohol more quickly. They shorten the amount of time that the alcohol remains in your system by doing this.

Sleep In

When you first open your eyes in the morning, you are worn out, and your head feels like a kick drum. There is no point in approaching the day with pessimism when you may choose to return to sleep. Getting a lot of sleep is the most effective approach to preventing a nasty hangover in the morning after consuming a lot of alcohol. If you cannot sleep in because of work or because you are responsible for the care of children, make it a priority to get to bed early so that you may receive the necessary amount of sleep and prevent a severe hangover.

Don’t Resist Your Cravings.

It’s possible that the only thing that will get you out of bed when you have a hangover is a breakfast that is both filling and nutritious. After having too much fun the night before, it’s not unusual to wake up craving greasy foods like bacon, eggs, and hash browns for breakfast. There are also grounds in the scientific community for our desire to accomplish this.

Red meat and potatoes are excellent examples of foods containing alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), which has been shown to alleviate hangover symptoms by lowering oxidative stress. There is a connection between oxidative stress and a hangover that is more severe. According to the findings of other studies, the symptoms of a hangover can be alleviated by consuming N-acetylcysteine-containing foods such as eggs. As a result, while you are still experiencing the effects of the night before, it is best to have a typical breakfast and supplement it with the following:

Pears and melons are two fruits that can help alleviate hangover symptoms, although black currants and cherry tomatoes can make them much worse. Lemons don’t always make things as simple as they seem. They reduce the amount of alcohol found in the blood but increase the quantity of acetaldehyde, exacerbating the hangover effects.

Zinc and vitamin B3: According to the research findings, consuming a diet rich in zinc and vitamin B3 experienced significantly less severe hangover symptoms. Zinc and vitamin B3 are most abundant in animal protein sources; nonetheless, vegans and vegetarians can still obtain sufficient levels of these minerals. Zinc can be found in high concentrations in various plant-based foods, including pumpkin seeds, oats, hemp seeds, chickpeas, black beans, and cashews. A variety of foods contain vitamin B3, including brown rice, bananas, avocados, peanuts, mushrooms, and asparagus.

You are consuming food before alcoholic beverages are recommended as well. More specifically, eating carbohydrates before drinking alcohol helps prevent a drop in blood sugar. When your blood sugar level dips, your brain may not receive the fuel it needs to function correctly, which can cause you to feel weary and have headaches. Consume many nutritious carbohydrates before drinking to lessen the severity of the hangover the next day.

In addition to staying hydrated, avoiding congeners, getting adequate sleep, and eating regularly, here are some other things you may do to prevent hangovers:

  • Avoid taking shots.
  • Get some workouts.

Maintain a record of how much you have consumed to date.

  • Take your time.
  • Ginger tea is good to drink whenever you feel queasy.
  • How mobile IV treatment units can be of assistance

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